UPSC CDS Result CDS Exam (I) 2020

cds exam  Union Public Service Commission, UPSC CDS Exam Result declared on 23 March 2020. Result CDS Exam (1) 2020. COMBINED DEFENCE SERVICES EXAMINATION (I), 2020 [INCLUDING SSC WOMEN (NON-TECHNICAL) COURSE]

UPSC CDS Exam (I) [email protected] for SSB Process

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Important Dates

Apply Online Starts 30/10/2019
Last Date to Apply 19/11/2019
Exam Date 2 Feb. 2020

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UPSC CDS Exam Selection Process

UPSC CDS Exam Selection Process:-  

The CDS selection process involves the following stages:

  • Written Examination
  • SSB Interview
  • Document Verification
  • Medical Examination
  • Final Merit List

 Let’s go through each of these rounds in detail:

Phase 1 Of CDS Exam Selection Process: Written Examination:- 

The Written Exam is conducted in the offline mode. The exam pattern is different for candidates seeking admission to OTA and those seeking admission to IMA, INA, and AFA.

CDS exam pattern for INA, IMA, AFA aspirants is tabulated below:-

Subjects Questions/ Marks Time 
English 120/100 2 hours
Elementary Mathematics 100/100 2 hours
General Knowledge (GK) 120/100 2 hours
Total 340/300 6 hours

CDS exam pattern for OTA aspirants is tabulated below:-

Subjects  Questions/ Marks Time 
English 120/100 2 hours
General Knowledge (GK) 120/100 2 hours
Total 240/200 4 hours

This exam will be Pen and Paper-based. 1/3rd of the marks allotted to a question will be deducted for the wrong answer.

Preparation of Merit List: If a candidate manages to score more than the cutoff set by the IMA, INA, AFA, and OTA then he will be eligible to appear for the next round which is SSB Interview. All the test-takers are required to check their name in the merit list released by the UPSC.

Phase 2 Of CDS exam Selection Process: SSB Interview:-

After the release of the Written Exam, candidates who successfully clear the CDS Written Exam will be required to register for the SSB Interview. Then all the registered candidates will be sent an SSB call letter where SSB Interview date and SSB Centre will be mentioned. SSB Interview will be conducted for 5 days and is basically divided into two stages – Psychological Aptitude Test and Intelligence Test.

  1. Psychological Aptitude Test: This stage involves Officer Intelligence Rating (OIR) tests such as Picture Perception and Description Test (PP & DT).
  2. Intelligence Test: This stage will consisting of Psych Test, Group Testing Officer tasks & Conference.

Now let us see what happens in each of the 5 days.

CDS Exam Selection Process: SSB Interview Day 1:-

Reporting: After arriving at the SSB Centre, candidates need to show their documents and fill forms.

Screening: This process consists of Verbal and Non- Verbal Test, and PPDT (story writing and group discussion). More than half of the candidate fails to clear this test. Candidates who clear this stage will go for the nest tests.

CDS Exam Selection Process: SSB Interview Day 2:-

Psychological Test: This test consists of the Thematic Apperception Test (TAT), Word Association Test (WAT), Situation Reaction Test (SRT), Self Description Test (SD).

  1. TAT: Write a story based on 11 pictures
  2. WAT: Write a sentence based on 60 words shown back to back (each shown for 15 seconds and for each word you need to write a sentence within 15 seconds)
  3. SRT: Write your response based on 60 situations (time allocated is 30 minutes)
  4. SD: Write opinion about you and things you would like to develop in the future (time allotted will be 15 mins)

CDS Exam Selection Process: SSB Interview Day 3:-

GTO: This test consists of various outdoor activities. The main aim is to test the candidate’s ability to perform group tasks. It consists of Group Discussion (GD), Group Planning Exercise (GPE), Progressive Group Task (PGT), Half Group Task (HGT), and Individual Obstacles Task (IoT).

  1. GD: Back to back group discussion on two topics, mostly current affairs.
  2. GPE: Candidates will be given a map and will be asked to solve a problem. Candidates need to come up with a common solution.
  3. PGT: It is a group task where you are required to cross some obstacles.
  4. Snake Race/Group Obstacle Race: Entire group has to cross obstacle while competing with other group members
  5. HGT: Same as PGT but with half the number of members as that of the PGT.

CDS Exam Selection Process: SSB Interview Day 4:-

This test consists of a Command Task, Individual Obstacle Task (OAT), Individual Lecturette, Final Group Task (FGT), and Personal Interview.

  1. Individual Lecturette: Out of 4 topics given, the candidate needs to give a lecture for 3 mins on one topic selected by him/her.
  2. IoT: Required to attempt obstacles individually.
  3. Command Task: Required to cross some obstacles with 2-3 of your subordinates.
  4. FGT: Final Group Task, same as PGT, just like another chance to show your potential.
  5. Personal Interview: The candidate needs to give an interview to the interviewing officer.

CDS Exam Selection Process: SSB Interview Day 5:-

Conference: You will be sitting in front of the SSB board members where you need to reply to the questions asked by the board members. The duration 0f this interview will be for 1 to 2 minutes.

Document Verification: The following documents will be verified in this stage:

  1. Matriculation or Equivalent Certificate
  2. Intermediate/10+2 pass Certificate
  3. Marks Sheet of Matriculation or Equivalent
  4. Marks Sheet of Intermediate/10+2 Examinations
  5. Semester/Year-wise Independent Marks Sheets
  6. Valid Proof of Identity
  7. Bonafide cum Custodian Certificate
  8. Graduation Degree/LLB Degree/Provisional Degree
  9. UPSC CDS Admit Card

Medical Examination: You should be physically fit from any ailment which may hamper your performance in the Physical Tests/Interview.

After clearing the SSB Interview, candidates have to undergo a Medical Test performed by a Special Medical Board (SMB) over the next 4 – 6 days. In exceptional cases, it may take up to 8 days.

Final Merit List: On the basis of marks of Written Exam and SSB Interview, candidates will be selected for the limited number of vacancies.

UPSC CDS Exam Post Details and Eligibility

UPSC CDS Exam Vacancies and Eligibility:-

Post Name

Total Post

Age Between


Indian Military Academy( IMA)


02/01/1997 to 01/01/2002

Passed / Appearing Bachelor Degree in Any Stream at Any Recognized University.

Indian Naval Academy (INA)


02/01/1997 to 01/01/2002

Passed / Appearing Bachelor Degree in Engineering at Any Recognized University.

Air Force


02/01/1997 to 01/01/2001

Bachelor Degree in Any Stream with Physics, Mathematics in 10+2 Level OR Bachelor Degree in Engineering

Officers Training Academy (OTA)


02/01/1996 to 01/01/2002

Passed / Appearing Bachelor Degree in Any Stream at Any Recognized University.

OTA Women


UPSC CDS Exam Syllabus


ENGLISH (Code No. 01):- The question paper will be designed to test the candidates’ understanding of English and workmanlike use of words.

GENERAL KNOWLEDGE (Code No. 02):- General Knowledge including knowledge of current events and of such matters of everyday observation and experience in their scientific aspects as may be expected of an educated person who has not made a special study of any scientific subject. The paper will also include questions on History of India and Geography of nature which candidate should be able to answer without special study.


Number System—Natural numbers, Integers, Rational and Real numbers. Fundamental operations, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division,  Square roots, Decimal fractions. Unitary method, time and distance, time and work, percentages, applications to simple and compound interest, profit and loss, ratio and proportion, variation.

Elementary Number Theory—Division algorithm. Prime and composite numbers. Tests of divisibility by 2, 3, 4, 5, 9 and 11. Multiples and factors. Factorization Theorem. H.C.F. and L.C.M. Euclidean algorithm. Logarithms to base 10, laws of logarithms, use of logarithmic tables.

ALGEBRA:- Basic Operations, simple factors, Remainder Theorem, H.C.F., L.C.M., Theory of polynomials, solutions of quadratic equations, the relation between its roots and coefficients (Only real roots to be considered). Simultaneous linear equations in two unknowns—analytical and graphical solutions. Simultaneous linear inequations in two variables and their solutions. Practical problems leading to two simultaneous linear equations or inequations in two variables or quadratic equations in one variable & their solutions. Set language and set notation, Rational expressions, and conditional identities, Laws of indices.

TRIGONOMETRY:- Sine ×, cosine ×, Tangent × when 0° < × < 90° Values of sin ×, cos ×, and tan ×, for ×

= 0°, 30°, 45°, 60°, and 90°

Simple trigonometric identities. Use of trigonometric tables.

Simple cases of heights and distances.

GEOMETRY:- Lines and angles, Plane and plane figures, Theorems on (i) Properties of angles at    a point, (ii) Parallel lines, (iii) Sides and angles of a triangle, (iv) Congruency of triangles, (v) Similar triangles, (vi) Concurrence of medians and altitudes, (vii) Properties of angles, sides, and diagonals of a parallelogram, rectangle, and square,

(viii) Circles and its properties including tangents and normals, (ix) Loci.

MENSURATION:- Areas of squares, rectangles, parallelograms, triangle, and circle. Areas of figures which can be split up into these figures (Field Book), Surface area and volume of cuboids, lateral surface and volume of right circular cones and cylinders,  surface area and volume of spheres.

STATISTICS:- Collection and tabulation of statistical data, Graphical representation frequency polygons, histograms, bar charts, pie charts, etc. Measures of central tendency.

Previous Papers of UPSC CDS Exam

Download Previous Year Papers of UPSC CDS Exam PDF Files:- 

CDS (II) 2019 Eng  |  Math  |  GK
CDS (I) 2019 Eng  |  Math  |  GK
CDS (II) 2018 Eng  |  Math  |  GK
CDS (I) 2018 Eng  |  Math GK
CDS (II) 2017 Eng  |  Math GK
CDS (I) 2017 Eng  |  Math GK
CDS (II) 2016 Eng  |  Math GK

UPSC CDS Exam (1) 2020 Vacancies

UPSC CDS Exam (1) 2020 Vacancies:- 

UPSC CDS 1 2020 Vacancy Details

Previous Years Cut-offs for UPSC CDS Exam

Previous Years Cut-offs for UPSC CDS Exam:-  

CDS Cutoff for will depend upon a lot of factors which are as under:

  1. Total number of vacancies in the various courses,
  2. Total number of candidates appearing for the exam,
  3. The difficulty level of the exam,
  4. Previous year Cutoff trends, etc.

Depending upon all these factors, UPSC will decide the CDS 2 Cutoff after the exam is conducted.

Previous Year CDS Exam Cutoff For Written Exam

Candidates can refer to the previous year’s CDS Cutoff from the below.

Official CDS Exam Cut Off I 2017

Academy CDS I Cut off 2017
IMA 125
INA 118
AFA 144
OTA for Men 82
OTA for Women 82

Official CDS Cut Off II 2016

Academy CDS II Cut off 2016
IMA 105
INA 90
AFA 135
OTA for Men 72
OTA for Women 72

Official CDS Cut Off I 2016

Academy CDS I Cut off 2016
IMA 72
INA 63
AFA 123
OTA for Men 68
OTA for Women 68

Official CDS Cut Off II 2015

Academy CDS II 2015 Cut off
IMA 105
INA 99
AFA 138
OTA for Men 84
OTA for Women 84

Official CDS Cut Off I 2015

Academy CDS I Cut off 2015
IMA 102
INA 99
AFA 129
OTA for Men 86
OTA for Women 86

Official CDS Cut Off II 2014

Academy CDS II Cut off 2014
IMA 102
INA 75
AFA 129
OTA for Men 72
OTA for Women 72

Official CDS Cut Off I 2014

Academy CDS I Cut off 2014
IMA 99
INA 99
AFA 129
OTA for Men 78
OTA for Women 78

CDS Exam Final Cutoff

After the SSB Interview and medical examination, the board will also release the final cutoff based on which the candidates will be selected. Here is the previous year’s final CDS Cutoff.

CDS Final Cut Off 2017 For CDS I

 Academy CDS I 2017 Final Cutoff
IMA 249
INA 241
AFA 268
OTA for Men 163
OTA for Women 164

CDS Final Cut Off 2016 For CDS II

Academy CDS II 2016 Final Cutoff
IMA 227
INA 225
AFA 258
OTA for Men 157
OTA for Women 159

CDS Final Cut Off 2016 For CDS I

Academy CDS I 2016 Final Cutoff
IMA 214
INA 217
AFA 249
OTA for Men 150
OTA for Women 157

CDS Final Cut Off 2015 For CDS II

Academy CDS II 2015 Final Cutoff
IMA 227
INA 227
AFA 269
OTA for Men 166
OTA for Women 170

CDS Final Cut Off 2015 For CDS I

Academy CDS I 2015 Final Cutoff
IMA 225
INA 225
AFA 264
OTA for Men 168
OTA for Women 172

CDS Final Cut Off 2014 For CDS II

Academy CDS II 2014 Final Cutoff
IMA 224
INA 224
AFA 257
OTA for Men 168
OTA for Women 170

CDS Final Cut Off 2014 For CDS I

Academy CDS I 2014 Final Cutoff
IMA 222
INA 222
AFA 250
OTA for Men 159
OTA for Women 160

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